Seen feature on Facebook… Here’s how to get rid of it!

'Seen' feature on Facebook

‘Seen’ feature on Facebook

Ever felt compelled to reply to your messages on Facebook due to the ‘Seen’ feature? Got 2 minutes? Get rid of it now!

So, Facebook’s relatively new read receipt feature that lets your ‘friends’ know if you’ve “seen” their messages or not. We all hate this nasty feature! Don’t you want it to be like the good old days when you could just ignore somebody’s messages and later tell them that you missed the chat ping or message because you weren’t at your desk?

Chat Undetected is a small program that lets you disable Facebook’s read receipt feature and therefore preventing others from seeing if you have viewed their messages or not.

Click here to download or visit the developer’s website here.

See its PC-able! 🙂


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